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Implant Kit

Surgical kit

Surgical instruments

Pointer Ø2.2 H7

– Pointer drill for the implantary well marking

– Drilling depth : 5 mm

– Secured drill depth

Magic™ Drill
MAGIC short and Long

– Leveled drill for the implantary well preparation (adapted to the implant conicity) enables bone compression around implant body while screwing

– primary stability improved

– 2 drill-end lengths

– Laser marking for an easy drilling

Hard Bone Drill ‘HB’
‘HB’ Hard Bone

– Hard Bone Drill (D1/D2 Bone) allowing an over

– Drilling of the implantary well to facilitate the implants loading

– Drilling depth indicated with laser marking

– Bone collector

– Unsharpened drill end

The levels made by MagicTM Drill will enable the bone compression around the implant body for an excellent primary stability

Adjustable on MAGIC™ DRILL for a secured drilling depth

A simplified surgical protocole

BIO-XELLENT Ø4 Implant exemple