- Synchrone -


Usual implant Post-extractional placement

Conventional implant – Neck width in the body extension – Switching platform or not

After placement

> Vestibulary bone loss causing a gingival recession and an aesthetic failure.


The unique patented Design Synkrone Implant is fitted with a thinner “chimney neck” than the body.
Restraints elimination at the cervical bone level
Neck design enabling bone graft stabilization
Post–extractional cervical bone growth

Dual Implant

Each implant is delivered with a hight and a low cover screw

2 positions possible : submerged / non-submerged

Synchrone range

4 Leigths:
  • L 8
  • L 10
  • L 12
  • L14
3 Leigths :
  • L 8
  • L 10
  • L 12

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Leaflet Bio-Xellent

Find all details about Synkrone Implant (caracteristics, concept, ranges) into the presentation leaflet.